Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill Review

The Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Grill allows for a variety of different meals to cook at the same time.

Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki GrillWhether it is the sunny days of summer or the cold days of winter, a barbeque is one of the best things you can have. It can be done indoors or outdoors, as long as you have a reliable grill that will allow you to make the best-tasting barbecues at the comfort of your home.

The Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill is going to make sure that have a slice of Japanese cuisine will be possible without going to a restaurant within the neighborhood.

Key Features 

  • 2,000 Watts of Grilling Power
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Temperature Adjustments
  • Large cooking Area 46cm X 24.5cm
  • 2-year Product Warranty

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The Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill is a common appliance in the house of people who love to enjoy barbecue parties regardless of what season it is. It is versatile as it can be used outdoors or indoors, especially when the weather will not permit having it used outside. With this grill, having barbeque pork, chicken, shrimp, lamb, and even grilled vegetables can be a lot easier. You do not need to exert too much effort or waste a lot of time in having it used.

The grill also comes with a large cooking area, which will make it possible for you to cook various ingredients at the same time. The package also comes with 8 wooden spatulas, as well as an oil drip tray. The latter makes it easy to collect oil from grilling and to have it disposed. This also makes it easy to clean the entire grilling area.

Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki GrillIt is also worth noting that it comes with a wo-year warranty from the manufacturer, which can give you peace of mind with regards to its superior quality and functionality.


  • One of the good things about this grill is the non-stick coating on the tray, which is also contributory in making it almost effortless to clean right after every use.
  • It has a large cooking area and solid construction.
  • Ideal for cooking alfresco breakfast or steak


There were some users, however, who have complained how the plate becomes hot quickly, which can sometimes lead into burning whatever you grill.

Customer Reviews

In many of the reviews about this model, a lot of people have expressed words of praises with regards to the variable temperature adjustments. You can select how hot you want the plate to be depending on what you will grill. It is also very portable. Even when you are in a caravan, you can conveniently bring it with you on your road trips.

“This table grill is excellent. My dinner guests enjoyed cooking their own steak at the table just how they liked it; the chicken and steak was tender and it was a good talking point to make the evening go with a swing. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Mrs B Oldmeadow, Amazon Customer Review

“Simply amazing for the price, bought Thursday morning, arrived next day bang on 9am, item is amazing, Ive used it twice in 24hours so far, i made home made mince beef burgers with fried veggies, and my word it cooks to perfection, the meat was so tasty, all the fat and juices ran into the drip tray so was healthy than usual, and the veg char-grilled perfectly,

I managed to fit on FIVE good sized burgers with a veggie burger and a chicken breast all with onion, tomatoes and mushrooms all at once, its a lot bigger than it looks, heated up in seconds and cooled down just as fast, ridiculously easy to clean with a damp cloth with washing liquid on, i would highly recommend this item to all my friends and family, Don’t hesitate to buy it, just buy it!!.”

P Senders, Amazon Customer Review

The Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Grill has been reviewed by 486 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon



If you weigh the good and the bad reviews about the Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill, you will notice how most of the users have positive feedback. From ease of use to ease of cleaning, coupled by the fact that it comes with a reasonable price tag, there is no wonder why it is a popular option for any household with penchant for barbecue parties.

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