Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer Review

The Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Hand Mixer will take the hard work out of baking

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The Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer With Chrome Beaters is a hand mixer ideal in the kitchen when you need help mixing various ingredients to make your favorite food or a delicious cake.

With a powerful motor and three different attachments, your mixing experience has never been faster and simpler.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful 300-watt motor
  • It features a turbo function
  • It has 5 different speeds
  • It is designed with 3 different attachments: Chrome dough hooks, balloon whisk, Chrome beaters


The Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer is a practical buy considering its quality, features and price. Not only does it help you in the kitchen, but it also helps you save a lot of time and energy while cooking. Thus, you will have perfect dishes in no time.

One of the greatest features of this hand mixer is its powerful motor of 300-watt. Thanks to it, you will have no problems in making cake mixes, various types of dough, whisking egg whites and more. To make things better, this hand mixer features a turbo function, which means that you will get your dishes done fast, leaving you time to do other things that you enjoy.

Another great thing about this hand mixer is the fact that it features 5 different speeds. Therefore, you get maneuverability and you won’t get stains in your kitchen in case the materials you use need a lower speed when mixed.

Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer In order to provide versatility, the hand mixer was designed with 3 different attachments. Thus, if you need to whisk egg whites you can use the balloon whisk. If you need the mixer for making dough you have Chrome dough hooks, and if you simply want to mix ingredients, then you can use the Chrome beaters. What is more, the hand mixer features an ejection button, making it easier to get the attachments off when you need to change them or wash them.


  • The hand mixer has great features like the powerful motor and the 5 different speeds.
  • The mixer is easy to hold and the controls are well placed for turning on and off
  • Comes with a really powerful but the lowest setting is also really low


Some users complained that the mixer broke down faster than expected.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to its great features and price, the Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer has earned many positive reviews from its users. They are content with the ease of use of the mixer and its attachments. Some even comment on its versatility. Alas, while some are content, some are not. There were users who complained that the mixer broke faster than expected.

The Andrew James Red Hand Mixer has been reviewed by 585 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.6 out of 5.0.

This powerful little hand-held is a very useful addition to my kitchen. Sometimes I don’t have the space to get the “big” mixer out but want to knock up a quick batch of cup-cakes or something…this hand-held is just the job! I would definitely recommend it.”

Sarah J, Amazon Customer Review

“As someone who’s got through three hand mixers in the last two years!, I am delighted with my Andrew james hand mixer. The control is brilliant, it goes from gentle whisking to turbo, so no more looking like a yeti because of being covered in flour!!, and I love the trendy red colour.”

Mrs. Rhiannon Austin, Amazon Customer Review


All in all, the Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Red Hand Mixer is a great hand mixer. I highly recommend it if you want a compact, light, yet versatile mixer that can help you even in the toughest mixing situations. Whether you want to make bread, cakes, or simply whisks egg whites, this hand mixer is a great choice.

 Click here for the latest reviews, ratings on Amazon

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