Andrew James Premium Black Soft Touch Hand Mixer Review

The Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Mixer will take the hard work out of baking, with its powerful 300-watt motor

Andrew James Black Soft Touch Hand MixerThe Andrew James Premium Black Soft Touch Hand Mixer is a hand mixer that makes baking, whisking egg whites and making cake mix as easy as pie.

With a compact, yet modern design, great features and an affordable price, this hand mixer will become your new best friend in the kitchen.

Key Features

  • It has a sleek, modern design with a soft touch
  • It is powered by a 300 watts motor
  • It has six speeds that are easy to control, clearly marked on the power switch
  • It features a separate turbo button
  • It comes with three different stainless steel attachments: two beaters, two dough hooks, and a balloon whisk
  • It has a vinyl storage bag

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The reason why so many choose to buy the Andrew James 300 Watt Premium Black Soft Touch Mixer is because of its great features and contemporary design. This hand mixer goes perfectly with a modern kitchen while making backing and mixing a piece of cake.

One of the greatest features of this hand mixer is its sleek design. Modern, with an elegant black, this hand mixer has a soft touch. Not only does it fit exceptionally in your modern kitchen, but it is also easy to hold and to grip, making it easy to be maneuvered while mixing.Andrew James Black Soft Touch Hand Mixer

Powered by a 300 watts motor, this hand mixer has six speeds that are easy to control. Thus, whether you need a slow speed for your mixing or a fast one, you can be sure that this mixer can deliver. The speeds are clearly marked on the power switch so you know exactly what power your mixer is on. What is more, the mixer features a separate turbo button with which you can increase the power of the mixer shortly to make sure that the ingredients are properly mixed.

Another great feature of this mixer is the fact that it comes with three different attachments and a vinyl storage bag. Made off stainless steel, you can either use the two beaters, the two dough hooks or the balloon whisk, depending on what you want to mix.


  • The mixer comes with great features like the turbo button and the three different stainless steel attachments.
  • The stainless steel blades are great
  • The mixer it is very lightweight and easy to hold


Some complained about the lack of an eject button for the attachments.

Customer Reviews

The Andrew James Soft Touch Hand Mixer has earned many positive reviews from its customers thanks to its great features and design. Users are happy with its powerful motor and ease of use. However, there were some who had complaints. They weren’t pleased by the fact that the attachments just push in and pull out and the mixer doesn’t have an eject button.

“I have already wrote a review for this product, prior to using it talking about it’s delivery…after using this product, I was very impressed, it’s easy to use and mixes very well. It is easy to put in the hooks/whisks and taking them out is also easy. I like the varies speed settings and I also loved the bag it came in – super easy to store because of this bag! I really recommend this product :)”

Hannah, Amazon Customer Review

“If tried it to see if it works and its brilliant so far, how long it will last I dont know, light weight and strong so easy on my weak wrist so I’m happy, only one light whisk, thought there should be two. brilliant otherwise”

Rhiannan Evans, Amazon Customer Review

The Andrew James Hand Mixer has been reviewed by 28 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


To sum up, the Andrew James Powerful 300 Watt Premium Black Soft Touch Hand Mixer is a great mixer that not only goes perfectly in your modern kitchen thanks to its sleek design, but it also helps you take baking at a different level. I highly recommend it if you want a mixer that is powerful and easy to use.

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