Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand 2

Key Features

  • Magnetic tip wakes up iPad 2
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Compatible with most tablets
  • Hand-washable

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The Belkin Chef Stand is the perfect accessory for chefs who keep their recipes on their tablet device.

Perfectly designed for use in home kitchens, this kitchen stand fits neatly on your countertop and allows for several viewing orientations so it’s easy to watch your favorite cooking channel or any other show while you’re in the kitchen.

Belkin Kitchen Stand and WandThe stand also comes with a magnetic-tipped stylus, which lets you use your tablet’s touchscreen even when your hands are messy.


  • Keep your Tablet Safe and Accessible in the Kitchen
  • Sturdy, Nonslip Design for Kitchen Countertops
  • The stand is very durable
  • Stylus Keeps Your Touchscreen Clean
  • Two Convenient Viewing Angles

User Reviews

“I bought this for the obvious which is to use it for cooking. The stylus works fine for me and I like how both the stylus and iPad stands are nonslip. I use the stand at night in bed. I put it on top of my stomach and rest my iPad the same way as if I am cooking. Easy hands free surfing. Love this. 🙂 “

Phyliss, Amazon Customer Review

This is a must have for all iPad owners. I use it for its recommended use in addition to a stand for using FaceTime, watching movies, reading a book….the list of uses for this stand is endless. I am beyond thrilled with this iPad accessory.

Amanda, Amazon Customer Review

The Belkin Chef Stand has been reviewed by 251 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.

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