Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer Review

Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer is great for any budding chef

Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand MixerThe Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer is a powerful hand mixer that can help you achieve great cooking and backing results regardless of the challenge.

With great attachments, a powerful motor and a sleek design, this hand mixer has everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Easy to use and to clean, this mixer is perfect for every kitchen.

Key Features

  • It has a powerful 400W Bosch motor
  • It features five speed settings
  • It comes with four attachments: two high quality beaters and two stainless steel dough hooks
  • It has an eject button for removing the attachments
  • It has a sleek design

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What makes the Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer a practical buy is the fact that is comes with great features that allow you to get through any kitchen challenge. Whether you want to whisk eggs or to bake, this hand mixer will deliver fast results, while ensuring that your ingredients are mixed to an optimum consistency.

Designed with a powerful 400W Bosch motor, there are no ingredients that this hand mixer can’t mix. What is more, in order to provide versatility and the best speed for your ingredients, this mixer features five speed settings. Therefore, you are in control of the mixer and can choose easily the speed that you require for mixing your ingredients properly.Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer 3

Another great feature of this hand mixer is the fact that it comes with four attachments. Thus, if you want to whisk egg whites or creams, you can use the two high quality beaters. However, if you want to bake and create various dough mixes, then you can always use the two stainless steel dough hooks for the best results. Whenever you want to change the attachments or clean them, you simply need to push the eject button.

Last, but not least, this hand mixer has a sleek design, meant to fit nicely in any kitchen, modern or not. In other words, you get a practical and versatile hand mixer that is also stylish and easy to store.


  • The hand mixer has great features like the powerful 400W motor and the high quality attachments.
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to carry around due to it being so lightweight


There were some who complained that the mixer is not as powerful as they expected it to be.

Customer Reviews

The Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer has gained many positive reviews thanks to its design and features. Customers are happy with its power, ease of use and ease of cleaning. Some even comment on the fact that it runs quiet and smooth. Still, there were customers who had complaints. They stated that the mixer is not as powerful as they expected it to be.

“This Bosch mixer is the best ever. It makes handmixing a pleasure. I have been baking for over 40 years and ha taken its toll on my joints. Other mixers were good but quite heavy when mixing for a while . This little mixer ticks all the boxes, its so lightweight…super silent (this means i can bake whilst the old man is in bed) and lastly it is very powerful. WELL DONE BOSCH”

A Cooper, Amazon Customer Review

“Very light and powerful. I was a bit skeptical as we have managed to blow through 3 other egg beaters in the last 6 months, but the quality is second to none. Again, very light and the hooks and beaters are good quality stainless rather than plated.

The plastic snap fits for the hooks and beaters work well and you only have to really worry about getting the around the right way around as are not interchangeable between left and right. The speed range and increments are excellent and the slow speed is very slow. We have made meringues, sponges and cakes with them.”

M C Foster, Amazon Customer Review

The  Bosch MFQ36300GB has been reviewed by 63 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.6 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


All in all, the Bosch MFQ36300GB Hand Mixer is a great hand mixer if you want a kitchen appliance that has a powerful motor, a stylish design, and that can deliver fast results regardless of the challenge. I highly recommend this hand mixer to those who need an easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maneuver mixer.

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