Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender Review

The Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blenders 600W motor makes short work of anything you want to mix and crush

Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender The Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender is an appliance that proves appliances do not have to be big to be multifunctional . At such a small size, it is surprising how it can deliver multiple functions and a powerful performance.

And since it is made by Bosch, one of the most popular brands in the product category, there is no doubt that it is going to provide the best value for your money.

 Key Features

  • Powered by a 600-watt Motor
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Extra Turbo Button
  • Attachment for Multiple Functions
  • Heat resistant foot with stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher safe parts makes it easy to clean

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Whether you would like to blend, dice, whisk, chop, or slice, among others, the Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender is going to be a dependable companion in the kitchen. It comes with multiple attachments that will make it useful for different purposes. Because it is multifunctional, you will find it easier to do more while using only one kitchen appliance.

The versatility of this hand blender is not only because it can be useful for different applications, but also because of the variable speed control. As the user, you will have the freedom to choose how fast or slow it should do its functions, which is good in making sure of the consistency of the end results. It also comes with an extra turbo button, which, when pressed, can maximize its performance.

Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blenders

The overall build quality of the blender will leave you with no doubt that it is indeed one of the best you will find. It seems very sturdy, which will make it functional for an extended period of time. The stainless steel blade adds up to the powerful performance it can deliver, which is optimized by the motor as well. The design is also very portable and handy.


  • The MSM6700GB is quiet during operation in spite of its power.
  • It comes with built in leak protection, which ensures mess-free operations.
  • The turbo button is also a big plus if you need an instant burst of speed.
  • Great quality accessories including ice crusher and whisk.
  • Variable speed allows for a range of speeds and is very useful.
  • Quick and easy to clean


There are some users who found the storage system that comes with the blender a slight fiddly to install.

Customer Reviews

Many of the user reviews about the Bosch MSM6700GB are positive, highlighting how it can blend almost any ingredients without requiring too much effort at all. They also loved how the end result is consistent, which prevents uneven chopping or blending. Another thing that is positively received by the users is the variable speed control feature, which allows them to have better control of the blender.

“After plenty of research I ended up buying the Bosch 6700. I am extremely happy with this hand blender. It is sturdy and solid and comes with great attachments. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

Jose Cuervo, Amazon Customer Review

“My wife uses a hand blender almost daily, and this item was bought to replace another ageing hand blender. Being such a valuable item in the kitchen, we wanted to get the right replacement, and we have not been disappointed. As with all Bosch products, this delivers as expected.”

P Larner, Amazon Customer Review

“An excellent and robust hand mixer. The accessories are good too. The large mixer/blender now stays in the cupboard. Pretty quiet in operation. Easy to clean. Wall bracket means it’s always to hand. Competetively priced. Definitely the one to go for.”

Bernie Steel, Amazon Customer Review

The Bosch MSM6700GB Blender has been reviewed by 108 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon


The Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender, without a doubt, is going to be an leading option in the product category. Its ability to deliver consistent results, whether blending, dicing, whisking, or in any other function, will make it a truly useful piece in the kitchen.


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