Bosch TAT3A017GB Village Toaster Review

Cook toast at breakfast using the Bosch TAT3A017GB Village Toaster

Bosch TAT3A017GB Village ToasterWhether it is early in the morning or anytime of the day, having a freshly toasted bread can bring a smile on your face. Nonetheless, this is only the case if you have a high quality toaster. If you are using a toaster that sucks, you will just end up being frustrated and with a bread you cannot eat after it has been toasted.

To avoid being frustrated, use only a high quality product. In this case, one of the best options you can take into consideration is Bosch TAT3A017GB Village Toaster. Keep on reading to know more about its features, which will help you to come up with a decision if it is going to be worth your money or if you should keep on looking for other alternatives.

Key FeaturesĀ 

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Bosch has long been a trusted name in the market for kitchen appliances, which is exactly the reason why this 2-slice toaster remains to be a popular choice amidst competition from high end models. The model is in the mid-price range, which also means that you can expect only basic functionalities. Nonetheless, in spite of such, it does not fall short in terms of being able to functional.

Bosch TAT3A017GB Village Toaster

When it comes to ease of use, this toaster also has a lot to brag. For instance, it is a good thing that it comes with the high rise feature, which will make it easy to take out smaller pieces of bread. The integrated bread crumb tray also makes it effortless to have the unit cleaned as it catches all the mess from the toaster. It also comes with an easily accessible safety switch that will allow to automatically stop the toaster from functioning when needed.


  • Its stylish vintage design, which makes it look more expensive than what it actually is.
  • It is also worth noting that it creates excellent toasts, especially because of the variable browning function.
  • The keep warn and defrost functions are also big plus for this appliance.
  • Has a pop up heating rack which is an excellent idea.


There are some customers, however, who have said that since its not a deep toaster larger slices need turning for an evenly toasted finish.

Customer Reviews

If you weigh the pros and cons of this toaster, you will realize that there are more people who are happy than dissatisfied with the toaster. Users loved how simple it looks like, yet it adds character to any kitchen. More than the aesthetics, it is also asserted to be excellent when it comes to functionality and durability.

“Very pleased with my Bosch toaster. Looks lovely and makes lovely toast. Would highly recommend. Hope Bosch lives up to it s well built name. I had a kettle for 13yrs and still works”

Miss Patricia Harrison, Amazon Customer Review

“Chose this after other folks’ good reviews seemed to put this above all the others. Made the right choice. The slots are the right size for regular Hovis sliced bread. I mostly used medium sliced but thick sliced/toastie would easily fit in. Toasts evenly on both sides and I like the warming rack extra feature. Nice looking too. “

Carole Ashworth, Amazon Customer Review

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With the Bosch TAT3A017GB Village Toaster in the kitchen, you will never eat bread the same way again. It will allow you to make perfect toasts within just a few minutes and without requiring too much effort on your part. Given its affordable price, there is no reason why you should not own one.

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