Cake Batter Dispenser

Get consistent cupcakes with this Cake Batter Dispenser

Cake Batter Dispenser

Key Features

  • Dispenser neatly deposits the perfect amount of batter.
  • Use for pancakes or other desserts too.
  • 4-cup capacity.

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This batter dispenser works perfect to dispense just the right amount of batter without all the mess. Resulting in consistently sized cupcakes, pancakes or other desserts that will bake evenly. The dispenser has a 4 cup capacity more then enough for a few cupcakes.

Cake Batter DispenserUser Reviews

I absolutely love this Cake Batter Dispenser. I have used it for pancakes, and all of them are uniform in size, and for cupcakes which makes getting the batter into the individual cupcake liners a breeze. When I’m not sure of a product I always rely on the reviews, and once again they have not let me down.

Ever since I have received this, everyone in the house has had pancakes for breakfast, but so far no complaints. It is so easy to use, and it cleans up is so quick. I didn’t think I would be all that crazy about this, but I was wrong…fantastic product. I would recommend this product to anyone who bakes a lot of cupcakes and/or likes pancakes for breakfast.

Mary Ann Sperka, Amazon Customer Review

Excellent product! Hoping it lasts being plastic. Worked perfect for two male teenagers. Used for a pancake fundraiser and kept pancakes uniform and the mess to a minimum. Initially they said “no”, but once they tried it, they wouldn’t give it up.

S Letcher, Amazon Customer Review

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