CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount Stand Review

Integrate your tablet into your kitchen with CTA Digital’s 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand

CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount Stand

Key Features

  • Adjustable holder can hold tablets from 6 to 8.5 inches wide
  • Mounts to walls or under the kitchen cabinet
  • Easily attach or remove from mount base and transform into a tabletop stand
  • Hassle-free quick-release buttons make it easy to remove and access tablet
  • Easily rotate tablet to any orientation with 360 degree rotating holder
  • Multiple pivoting and rotating joints
  • Folds compact for easy storage

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The CTA Digital’s 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand is a sturdy and stylish aluminum stand can be mounted on a wall, under the kitchen cabinet or used as a countertop stand to conveniently access apps or watch videos.

The ability for you to hang it under a cabinet while cooking, off a wall near your workbench makes it versatile.

CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount StandUser Reviews

Purchased this to hold a tablet in the kitchen. We purchased a cheap tablet, which we use in the kitchen as our source for recipes. We mounted this up under a cabinet, which allows us to flip the tablet out of the way when not in use, and they drop it down when we need to look up recipes, or watch cooking videos.

Martain, Amazon Customer Review

This Tablet mount or stand is a much better option than a under cabinet mount radio I was going to originally buy. This mount allows for two mounting locations (comes with 2 brackets to fit the stand onto) plus it is removable from the bracket to use as a counter or table top stand. I’m using an older iPad on mine and it fits securely to the stand and won’t come off unless removed purposely.

The stand is adjustable for many different sizes of tablets. Now it’s possible to listen to music, watch tv shows, browse the Internet, take notes for recipes, or read recipes from the tablet and many other things.

Tool Guy, Amazon Customer Review


The CTA Digital 2-In-1 Kitchen Mount Stand has been reviewed by 256 customers on Amazon and has been given an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.