Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer Review

If your serious about deep frying checkout the Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer 

Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer

If you love deep frying, you got a good reason to consider purchasing Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer. In a market that is filled in terms of possibilities for the best kitchen appliance, this is sure to provide the best bang for the buck because of its unmatched functionality and reliability.

Those who have already used this deep fryer in the past have sworn by its superior quality, which can provide you with sufficient reason to have one as well.

Key Features

  • Cool-Touch Handle
  • 1-kilogram Food Capacity
  • 3-kilogram Oil Capacity
  • Coolzone System
  • Easy Clean System
  • Fryer houses a viewing window
  • Fixed vapour/odour filter.

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Not all of the deep fryers you can see in the market are created the same. Some will prove to be inferior when it comes to quality and functionality, while there are some that will be superior. If you want to opt for the latter, there is no need to look any further as Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer can prove to be an option that will not lead to frustration. From its design to its functions, this is a must-have in any kitchen.

Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone FryerThis kitchen appliance is filled with practical features that will make deep frying a lot easier on your part. For instance, it comes with cool zone setting, which is basically the one responsible for keeping the oil fresh and for making sure that food will be cooked evenly, this will resolve the problem of having burnt food at the end of frying.

The cool zone setting also allows the oil to be free from foul odor, and hence, making the food taste at its best. It has a lid, which also doubles as a viewing window, allowing you to easily monitor progress. It also has a metallic filter for the reduction of vapor.


  • One of the best things about this model is the presence of stay-cool handles, which will lessen injuries.
  • It also features external basket and automatic shut-off feature for the safety of the user.
  • Its easy clean feature is really handy and it honestly works; oil drains out ready strained.
  • Heats up quick and frys quick.
  • Doesn’t take up too much counter space


Some users found the the fryer took up more space then expected.

Customer Reviews

Most users are positive about the fryer, noting how it promotes efficient consumption of oil and consistent frying results. While it is not the cheapest model you can find, it is sure to provide the best value for your money, as asserted by those who have provided positive reviews about the deep fryer.

“Really pleased with this product. Easy to set up but more importantly easy to clean too. Glad we purchased and got great value with the price – all round a winner”

Madfords, Amazon Customer Review

“I have just cooked chips for now but found it brilliant. The chips come out golden and crispy and the children think they are great. A good buy, like the other reviews state this is quite a large fryer to have out but is very good.”

Simon Mayne, Amazon Customer Review

“We never owned a fryer before and bought this one mostly to cook chicken wings. It does wings extremely well. We have used it also for tempura prawns and veggies and its works fine. The batter does tend to get stuck in the backet but I cannot see how this is a flaw…maybe a different type of basket would help for battered items but no big deal.

Regular prawns are fantastic! We have tried chips with limited success so far. They are ok but not the really crispy ones I envision. I am sure we will find a way to do it. Love the machine. Cleans up really easily!”

Jack, Amazon Customer Review

The Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer has been reviewed by 177 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


With all of the features of the Delonghi F34512CZ Coolzone Fryer, it is easy to be convinced that this is indeed one of the best within the product category. It is full of features that will make frying a lot easier, guaranteeing consistent results every time you cook.

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