Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer Review

Cook the same tasty food but without as much fat with the Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer

Duronic AF1B Healthy Oil Free Jet FryerThe Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer is the ideal fryer for those who love eating tasty foods, but want to cook with little to no oil. With great features, and an affordable price, this fryer will help you eat healthier, while cooking your favourite foods in no time, whether it’s chips, roasted soups, chicken wings or deserts like apple crumble and chocolate cake.

Key Features

  • It features air circulating technology
  • It has adjustable temperature control
  • It is designed with closed cooking system to avoid odour and splatters
  • It features a cool touch exterior
  • It has a fry bowl and a basket that are dishwasher safe

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The Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer is a practical buy considering the fact that it requires little to no oil to cook your dishes. Providing the possibility to cook healthier delicious food, from chips to various desserts, this fryer will not only help you eat healthy, but also save time in the kitchen.

One of the greatest things about this fryer is the fact that it can cook your favourite foods healthier while maintaining the delicious taste. This is possible thanks to the air circulating technology that the fryer uses in order to cook, which also means that you have to use little to no oil.

Duronic AF1B Healthy Oil Free Jet FryerIn order to make sure that the food is cooked at the right temperature, the fryer is designed with an adjustable temperature control. What is more, thanks to the closed cooking system, you can be sure that you won’t have problems with odour or splatters. To add, the fryer features a cool touch exterior for ease of manoeuvring when the food is ready.

Last, but not least, the fryer features a fry bowl and a basket that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Moreover, thanks to the compact size of the fryer it can easily fit in every kitchen, as it doesn’t take much of the counter space.


  • The fryer has great features like the air circulating technology and the closed cooking system.
  • Comes with a large cooking basket.
  • Comes with a great recipe book.
  • It is simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Has a timer which shuts off the fryer when the cycle completes.


Some complained that the fryer takes longer than expected to cook.

Customer Reviews

The Duronic AF1 Oil Free Jet Fryer has numerous positive reviews from its users thanks to its great features. Users love how the fryer cooks and the fact that the dishes are cooked evenly.

“The Multicoooker is absolutely brilliant, and it is easy to use, easy to clean and cooks beautifully. It browns as well as cooks, in record time, and cakes have also turned out beautifully in it.”

Jools, Amazon Customer Review

“I was a little sceptical at first that this inexpensive machine could cook without oil and all the greasy ‘steam’ but I was very pleasantly surprised! Frozen chips are crisp, cooked evenly and with no oil or mess at all. I will never go back to an oil fryer again.”

Sue Trendall, Amazon Customer Review

“We have had ours for four months and we are thrilled with it. It took a bit of adjustment after an actifry but we have got it truly sussed now and I would buy another tomorrow if I had do, but touch wood no problems at all to report. 5* appliance”

DFC, Amazon Customer Review

The Duronic AF1 Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer has been reviewed by 679 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.5 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


To make a long story short, the Duronic AF1 /B Healthy Oil Free Jet Fryer is a great fryer for those who want to eat healthier without having to make a compromise on the taste. I highly recommend this fryer to those who love eating delicious meals, but want to make them healthier and need an appliance that can help them in their endeavours.

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