Edgeware 2-Step Knife Sharpener Review

The Edgeware 2-Step Knife Sharpener will quickly bring a sharp edge back to blunt blades

Edgeware 2-Step Knife SharpenerShopping for a new knife sharpener can prove to be a demanding task, which is basically because of the numerous options available. At first, they might seem to be the same with each other. When you take a closer look and evaluate how one is different from the other, you will realize that some are made to be better.

This is exactly the case with the Edgeware 2-Step Knife Sharpener. It stands out from other competing models because of being excellent in terms of quality and functionality as proven by the people who have bought and used such.

Key Features

  • Patented V-Grip bottom
  • 2-step sharpening for optimal results
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Features a non-slip base
  • Compact for easy storage

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With the use of the Edgeware 2-Step Knife Sharpener, keeping your knives sharp for a longer time will be a snap. If the knife seems to be blunt, you do not have to throw it away and spend a lot in buying a new one. More often than not, it just needs to be sharpened. However, not just any sharpener can do the job. You should use a knife sharpener that is as reliable as this model to have the results you want.

With the 2-step process that is integrated in the design of this model, your knife will undoubtedly get sharp in just a few minutes. The carbide or coarse blades will first sharpen the edges. After which, the ceramic or fine rods will be used for the final honing.

Another feature that is worth noting about this knife sharpener is its V-Grip bottom, which is a patented design from the manufacturer. This has been exclusively developed for the unit to hold steadily on the surface, and hence, making it stable as it sharpens your knife.


  • One of the most significant benefits of this model is the two-step sharpening process, which effectively gives life to dull blades.
  • It also comes with pre-set sharpening angles to make the entire job a lot easier for you.
  • The non-slip rubber base will also be a big plus as it promotes stability and comfort.


Meanwhile, there are also some complaints about this knife. One of the most common is that it has a small size and that it cannot sharpen all types of knives.

Customer Reviews

While most of the customer reviews were positive, it is inevitable that there are some who dislike the product. For instance, while the size is an advantage for some since it consumes minimal space, this is seen by others as a problem since it cannot handle larger knives. Nonetheless, many are still happy with its functionality and sturdy construction.

“I can hold this sharpener easily with one hand and pass the knife through the sharpener with the other. I had some very dull knives and they required only about 4 or 5 passes through the sharpener to make them very sharp. Once they are sharp, I have found that it only takes one pass through to keep my knives sharp.

I have been using this for several months now and I am quite pleased with it. I have found the non-slip stuff on the bottom helps keep the sharpener from moving about when using it. I’m very pleased with it.”

Ann, Amazon Customer Review

“This is a very good product. There is know need to use the course side really. We only use the fine finishing side. If your knife is very blunt,Just 2 or 3 swipes is plenty, and dont press too hard. Well worth the money.”

Container Dave, Amazon Customer Review

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In spite of some complaints, they are very minimal and mostly isolated cases. Generally speaking, the Edgeware 2-Step Knife Sharpener is a good product as it delivers sharper knives while requiring minimal effort on your part. With this product in the kitchen, you will be able to maximize the use of your knives.

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