GeniCan Smart Trash Can

The GeniCan Smart Trash Can

GeniCan Smart Trash CanGeniCan scans items as you throw them away, saving you time, money, and trips to the grocery store! The inventors are looking for funding through Indiegogo.

GeniCan attaches to the side of your garbage bin using a magnet. It has a built in barcode reader that quickly scan the barcodes on items you throw away and then automatically adds the items to a shopping list. The shopping list is then accessible from an app on your smartphone. Here is what the inventors say:

“GeniCan is the world’s first intelligent device for your garbage can and is Patent Pending.

It scans garbage to automatically create your grocery list, matches coupons to products, and optionally delivers items to your doorstep.

GeniCan works with garbage and recycling, translating barcodes and spoken word into a customized grocery list stored on the GeniCan app. It saves you time, hassle and money.”

To ensure the GeniCan is successful in a home the family unit will have to be proactive in scanning barcodes, which takes just a tiny bit of extra time. It has raised over $6,000 towards a $20,000 flexible funding goal.

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