George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill Review

The George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill lets you cook all your favourite foods in a healthier way

George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family GrillFor a small family of four or for anyone who would like to promote healthier cooking, the George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill can be a good product to have in the kitchen.

This grill will allow you to prepare deliciously-grilled food in a manner that is almost effortless on your part. Compared to conventional cooking, it will require lesser time on your part, making it possible to do more things. You will surely be in love with preparing grilled specialties once you have started using this kitchen appliance.

Key Features

  • 760 watts of power
  • Non-stick plates
  • Drip pan
  • Indicator light
  • Non-slip rubber base

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Conventional cooking, such as in the case of frying, is not only time-consuming and physically demanding, but can also promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating oily food, as it has been proven, can have a bad impact on your health. With this, the George Foreman 18471 Family Grill can be an excellent product as it promises to help in preparing delicious grilled food while reducing fat by as much as 42%. The patented grills are angled in such a way that they will effectively get rid of oil from the food and hence, removing extra fat.

George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family GrillSome might think that using a traditional non-electric grill is better because it saves electricity. Nonetheless, in the case of this model, there is nothing to be worried about energy efficiency. It cooks the top and bottom part at the same time, which means that grilling will be done quickly, and hence, reducing energy consumption.

The intelligent design of this grill deserves to be highlighted. Aside from the articulated grills, it also comes with a drip tray, which will catch excess fat and oil from whatever is being grilled. It also comes with non-slip rubber feet to keep it stable while being used.


  • This four-portion grill can deliver excellent results all the time, which makes it excellent in term of reliability.
  • It is also easy to clean and maintaining, allowing its functionality to be retained for an extended period of time.
  • Gives food a nice sear (no burns at all)
  • Reduces the fat but not the juiciness


One of the most common issues users discussed was the size of the grill, being a family grill they expected it to be larger.

Customer Reviews

The negative feedback from its users were very minimal and not enough for you to be in doubt about this grill. Those who were satisfied with this grill have highlighted how easy it is to use and how it make healthier eating easily possible.

“For at least 8 years I used to have a similar GF grill back at home before I moved abroad, I used it a lot. So instead of sending my old one to me I bought a new one. It is made of a good quality and cooks the food right through.

I have the chicken breast for 8-9 minutes and they are cooked through and yet full of moisture. I also use this grill to make ham and cheese sandwiches. Would recommend this product to everybody. Also it has a responsible price tag on it – and as I speak from experience this Lean mean fat grilling machine is going to serve you for at least 8 years.”

Bragi, Amazon Customer Review

“Really great product! Although smaller than I expected (This can probably cook enough for 2 people at most) it’s great for making a quick snack, entire meals and lunch to take to work. However I do suggest when making paninis or any sandwich with a filling that you want heated or melted, that you take the top half of the bread off and leave the filling exposed when you put it into the grill as it sometimes has trouble heating fillings or melting cheese (especially with a thick bread like Ciabatta).”

Zkee Mohsin, Amazon Customer Review

The George Foreman 18471 has been reviewed by 745 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon


The George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill is an excellent appliance for small families and for those who love to grill. Its ability to significantly reduce fat in food is one of its biggest assets, making it a friend for anyone who would like to live a healthier lifestyle. With this appliance a home, you will no longer have to wait for a long time before grilled dishes are ready to be savored.

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