HAPIfork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork Review

Eat Slower and better with the HAPIfork Smart Fork

 HAPIfork Smart Fork

Key Features

  • Monitor your eating behavior
  • LED indicators
  • Vibration alerts

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Eating too fast, and not chewing long enough leads to poor digestion and poor weight control. The HAPIfork is the world’s first smart fork. It’s an electronic fork that lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast. As it takes 15-20 minutes to feel satisfied, by simply slowing down your pace while eating, you will consume fewer calories.

Pair the fork with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth to see your eating stats in real time. The smart fork coaches you into healthier eating habits. It gives you precise information about your eating schedule and alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast.

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