How has kitchen tech changed over the decades

How has Kitchen Tech changed over the decades

A new BBC commissioned show called Back in Time for Dinner examines how Britain’s cooking and eating habits have changed since the 1950s. As expected the change in tech in the kitchen since the 1950s has transformed the way people eat at home, the greatest benefit has been in saving people time and increased the flexibility within the kitchen.

Here is a run down on the changes in kitchen tech through the decades.


Electric Cooker

The first electric cookers were available in the 1930s, but they really caught on after the war when rationing came to an end and the National Grid infrastructure was improved.

Electric Toaster

Although the toaster has been used since the 1900s, the electric toasted came into its own in the 1950s as rationing had come to an end. These newer toasters boasted cooking settings and automatic pop up functions.



Electric Kettle

The first smart electric kettle was brought to the market by Russell Hobbs in 1955. The standout feature was that the kettle has a automatic shut off feature when the water reached a certain temperature.


Washing Machine

in the 1960s washing machines became a common sight within kitchens as the old mangle and washboards began to disappear.


With affordability increasing as the manufacturing costs reduced the refrigerator became affordable for many families. Although the earliest models would not have won the best design awards.


Pressure Cooker

the 1970s saw the pressure cooker becoming popular among families as they gave the opportunity to cook for the entire family for the week.


Food Processor

The food processor became popular as it combined many tme consuming tasks including chopping, slicing and grating.


As electronics got better and production costs were reduced the invaluable microwave became a mainstay of the kitchen


The dishwasher was another innovative appliance that helped to reduce a time consuming task.


Bread maker

Making your own bread became popular in the 1990s. With these small appliances you could easily cook a loaf on your work top.



As the general population became more health conscious they stumped up for juices. As they made the time consuming task of manual squeezing easy. And allowed one to create wonderful single servings of nutritious juice.

Grilling machines

George Foreman’s grilling machine hit the market and was a hit.


Low/No Fat fryers

No fat fryers have been a hit in the last few years as health conscious Brits want to have healthy chips. Some of these appliance only used one tablespoon of oil to cook up to 1.5kg of potatoes.


Another one for the health conscious amongst us, steaming food is one of the most healthiest cooking methods.

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