iCooker Self Stirring Mug

The iCooker Self Stirring Mug will give you the perfectly mixed Beverage without so much as the turn of a spoon

iCooker Self Stirring Mug

Key Features

  • Packs 8 oz. of your favorite drink any time.
  • Features a fluid self-stirring technology
  • Nice Feel, Great Look
  • Easy Operation and clean
  • Airtight Lid With Small Drinking Hole

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The iCooker coffee mug is a great accessory to have in your kitchen. If you consider the hassle of washing spoons, stirring beverages and then washing again to be quite a bother, this coffee mug simply does the work for you.

iCooker Self Stirring MugMore than the typical self-stirring coffee mug, this kitchen accessory works in an easy, convenient way. All you need to do is pour in your beverage and then press a button. Then simply press the self-stirring button on the mug and the propeller at the bottom will spin into action, mixing the solute and solvent particles into a lovely froth. No sweat, no hassle, just a product that makes stirring beverages a whole lot easier!  

User Reviews

“This was one of the Christmas gifts to a very dear friend, who has Parkinson’s. Since he is limited to the use of his hands, I thought this would be helpful for him. He fell in love with it right away. He loves hot chocolate and he can’t believe how it mixes the chocolate so smoothly. Your product definitely fits your description. Thank you. “

Darlene Sumner, Amazon Customer Review

This is such a cute mug. My mom absolutely loves it. She thinks it’s so funny, and she never wants to use anything else for her morning coffee! I bought one for my dad, not realizing that he drinks his coffee black, so now my mom has two, and she loves it!

Christine, Amazon Customer Review

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