iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Cook to precision with the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

iDevices Kitchen ThermometerThe iDevices Kitchen Thermometer is an ultra compact Bluetooth Smart thermometer will support your everyday cooking. Featuring a 150 foot Bluetooth Smart range, get back to what’s most important to you with the comfort of knowing your food is being cooked to perfection.

Working with the the free iDevices Connected app, select what you’re cooking from the list of preset temperature alarms, or create a custom alarm. You just select what type of food you are cooking from the pre selects and how you like it. Once the selected temperature is reached the device will begin to flash and make a beeping sound. At the same time the app sends a message to your phone

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iDevices Kitchen ThermometerWith magnetic mounting and dual positioning, you can conveniently place your Kitchen Thermometer mini anywhere in your kitchen for easy viewing. The free app features exclusive recipes, a kitchen timer, social sharing and more. Start cooking with Confidence.

With the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer you could cook a steak to medium without overcooking and you don’t need to stand by the grill and keep checking.

User Reviews

I bought this product for my wife and she has used already a couple of times. Food comes out juicy and saves it from getting overcooked. Prior to having this we would just use a meat thermometer that you would stick into the meat but if it was already overdone there is nothing to do to save it.

This product saves you time and energy letting you know on your phone when its at the peak temperature. The app is great and easy to use. I plan to also use this on the grill so double use, kitchen and outdoors. Keep up the great work iDevices. Nice product!

Jeff, Amazon Customer Review

I love to cook and entertain at the same time and this makes things so much easier. No more overcooked or undercooked meats. I can’t give the Kitchen Thermometer enough praise. I have used other thermometers before and they were all okay but this is the best ever.

My husband set it up to work on my tablet, no more running back and forth to the kitchen when I am entertaining. I used this to make a ham, and some stuffed pork chops. They came out perfect. Once you try the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer, you will never want to use anything else. Great product, I highly recommend it.

Rose M Putnam, Amazon Customer Review

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