Ikea Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

Stores knives within easy reach using this Magnetic Knife Rack

Ikea Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

If your always misplacing your knives or finding they are hard to get to when you them then the Magnetic Knife Rack from Ikea could be the answer to your prayers. Get you knives out of the drawers so you don’t have to go digging for them and cut yourself.

It’s stainless steel look is attractive and the magnets that are inside are STRONG! The magnets bars inside are at an angle so the knives tend to sit slanted.

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User Reviews

After reading reviews on magnetic knife strips, I decided on this one. Price was a factor and size mattered, too. This was perfect. I cannot get over how strong the magnet is on this strip. Very easy to put on the wall. The knives are definitely not going anywhere. Glad I bought it.

Arlene L, Amazon Customer Review

I needed to get my knives off of the counter but easily accessible. I chose the Ikea 16″ Magnetic Rack. It was easy to install, just make sure you drill your screws into studs. The magnets are very powerful so you will need to make sure that you install it securely. Others have commented on the spacing of the magnets. I have a 9-knife set hanging on it. They are all perfectly spaced and hang very straight. It was definitely not a problem to get them aligned nicely. From the moment I had finished setting it up, I have loved it. I definitely, heartily recommend it.

Sweetles, Amazon Customer Review

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