Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker Review

Bake Crusty loaves every time with the Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker

Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you would love to have? While some would say they want a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, there are also many who love to have a slice of bread they baked on their own.

Forget about buying breads in bakeries. With Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker in the kitchen, you can be a gourmet baker in no time. Since you will be making your own bread, you will have the freedom to choose the ingredients you want, and in the end, make your bread healthier. Keep on reading and learn how this bread maker can make you like a pro in no time.

Key Features

  • 11 Built-in Baking Programs
  • Fast Bake Feature
  • Fan-assisted System
  • Compact Size
  • Keep Warm Function

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If you think that baking bread is a complicated process, you most probably have not yet heard of Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker. This mid-priced bread maker is abundant with features that will make it easy for you to bake breads. With its compact design, it can be a space-efficient addition in the kitchen. Nonetheless, while it is compact, it can allow you to make breads perfect for the whole family as it can bake up to 1 kilogram of loaf bread.

Kenwood BM260 Breadmaker If you are looking for versatility, this bread maker will also be a viable option. Aside from being able to bake variable sizes of loaf breads, it also comes with 11 programmed settings. For instance, you can choose the eco-cycle, which will allow you to bake bread in just 85 minutes. This is an energy-efficient option. You can also make pizza dough, jams, and gluten-free breads, among others.


  • One of the biggest assets of the Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker is its design, which is not only stylish but also makes it a snap to operate.
  • You do not have to be an expert to figure out how to make the best out of it.
  • The bread maker is also relatively easy to clean and maintain, which makes it long-lasting.


One of the very few complaints about this machine deals with the noise that it makes while baking bread.

Customer Reviews

If you weigh the positive and negative reviews from its users, it is very obvious that more people liked it compared to those who hated it. One thing that people liked is how easy it is to operate the machine. They also loved the recipe book that is included, which is perfect to those who are just beginning to discover their talent in baking. The durable construction of the appliance is also loved by many.

“Got this machine a couple of weeks ago. Apart from making great bread, the other thing I like, is the fact that it’s very compact and fits easily on the worktop, so I don’t have to put it away all the time. It looks good too – glossy white. I’ve made brilliant raspberry jam in it believe it or not, and the recipe for marmalade cake, looks strange, but tastes brill! Didn’t know you could make cakes in a breadmaker!”

Hannah, Amazon Customer Review

“Excellent machine and reasonably priced. This is my fourth breadmaker, and second Kenwood. Care must be taken as it is inclined to walk across the worktop, therefore an antislip pad is very important otherwise machine could easily finish up on the floor! Highly recommended.”

Ramlyn, Amazon Customer Review

“Bought this to replace an Aldi model which stopped working after 5 weeks. I thought the bread from the Aldi one was nice but this one is 100% better. The bread rises really well and is so light. The medium size in this breadmaker comes out as big as the large one in other machine and small on comes almost up to the top of pan. Also tried the whole meal loaf which was equally good. Bread keeps soft and is still fresh on day 3. Would wholeheartedly recommend.”

Applebee, Amazon Customer Review

The Kenwood BM260 has been reviewed by 57 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon


The Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker is designed for life and for anyone who does not have the patience to deal with complicated features. With this bread maker, you will surely look forward to the next time you will be baking bread. It is also a good way to be experimental as it offers multiple functionalities in one compact appliance.

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