Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender Review

The Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender delivers 800W power for more effective and controllable blending

Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender Your search for the best handheld blender in the market will not be an easy feat, which is basically because of the numerous options available in the market. With this, do not waste your time being in a struggle looking at different brands and models and comparing how one is different from the other. Amongst others, one of the best options that can be taken into account is the Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender.

As an update to the previous version of this hand blender, it showcases various improvements to make it more powerful and functional, and thus, being one of the most outstanding choices in the marketplace.

Key Features

  • Triple Blade System
  • 800 Watts of Power
  • 1 speed plus pulse
  • 0.75-liter beaker

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If you like spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with different recipes, you will surely love Kenwood HDP300. With the use of such, hand blending will never require as much effort as it used to. There is no need to do it manually and such will no longer consume a lot of your time.

Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender

One of the most significant features of this product is the 800 watts of power, which is basically the one responsible for making it possible to handle even the most demanding blending needs of its users. Regardless of the ingredients that are used, it will work in an effortless manner and will provide you with consistent results. It also comes with a container with .75-liter capacity.

Another commendable feature about the HDP300 Hand Blender is its triple blade system. This is a patented technology exclusively developed by the manufacturer to set their product apart from the competition. The blades are carefully positioned to maximize their cutting, chopping, and blending functions, amongst others. It also comes with a mashing attachment, which makes it more multifunctional for a variety of kitchen tasks you intend to complete.


  • Among other things, some of the benefits of using this product include having a powerful motor, a patented blade system to increase its functionality,
  • The plastic cup that comes with the set is perfect for blending ingredients for marinates and sauces
  • Durable construction to make it handle more demanding needs.


However, there are some users would have like a longer power cable.

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews from its users were positive, highlighting how the powerful performance of its motor allows it to tackle a variety of hand blending tasks. They were also happy with how easy it to clean the unit, making it effortless to maintain its best possible quality even through long-term use.

“Makes excellent mashed potatoes, as good as the traditional French mouli but much faster. Very easy to clean. The mixer is perfect for soups, smooth or slightly rough and sauces. Great product and good value for money.”

C M Meyer, Amazon Customer review

“I’ve gone through four other blenders and this is the best so far. An excellent device with plenty of power and an anti splash design which actually works!! One slight grip, the cable could do with being another foot longer.”

William JM Fenwick, Amazon Customer review

The Kenwood HDP300 has been reviewed by 26 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.7 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


The Kenwood HDP300 Hand Blender can indeed prove to be an excellent choice if you are looking for a kitchen appliance to extend a helping hand in different tasks. Its multi-functionality will make it an excellent investment. After all, the price is not that expensive. It is sure to provide you with the help you need and will make it easier to prepare blended drinks, sauces, cocktails, and other unique recipes.

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