Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

Fight temptation using the Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

Kitchen Safe Time Locking ContainerThe Kitchen Safe is the time-lock container designed to help us fight temptations. Once you put something inside the box, it will stay there until the timer counts down. Once locked, the Kitchen Safe cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero. Seriously, there are no overrides! Once it’s locked, its locked!

There are many practical ways you can use this safe, including timeouts on electronics, phones and candy (just don’t put your chocolate in there if you aren’t willing to wait!). It is large enough for smaller electronics. You can even put the remote control in it and drive someone crazy!

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Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container User Reviews

I love this kitchen safe! Such a great idea and concept! I am using it for the 52 Week Challenge. I put my money in every week then set it to open in 7 days to add the next weeks savings! This is a fun way to save money!!!

Holly Murray, Amazon Customer Review

Love, love, love it. I have a problem with snacking all day. With the lock safe I can lock away my cookies and not be tempted by them. I have it set to unlock after dinner only so I’m not snacking all day. I hope they come out with a larger version. I’ll get that one also.

Nancy M, Amazon Customer Review

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