Lekue Macaron Making Kit Review

Make french macarons with the Lekue Macaron Kit

Lekue Macaron Kit If you love cooking french macarons then the Lekue Macaron Making Kit offers a complete solution. The kit includes decomax pen, special macaron baking sheet and recipe booklet.

  • The structure of the mat (silicone and fiberglass) allows for optimum distribution of heat and uniform cooking in a shorter time.
  • The mat makes sizing the macarons much easier
  • The decomax pen is easy to fill, use, and clean.

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It’s important to let the macarons fully cook and then cool before removing from the mat otherwise they will stick horribly and turn into a big mess.

Lekue Macaron KitUser Reviews

I love this thing! A lot of people complain about the pen, but it works just fine for me. I struggle using parchment paper and the mat just makes it so much easier to get the right shape and they always have feet. If you plan on getting this I recommend buying an extra mat unless you don’t mind baking one batch at a time. If you plan to make macarons, even occasionally, this thing is worth it.


Made macarons for Christmas. These little darlings difficult to make until you perfect the technique buy this kit makes the effort so much easier. The baking sheet maintains the circle shape and the batter squeezer is wonderful and can be used for many other things.

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