Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker Review

Create a variety of breads, doughs and much more using the Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker

Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker The Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker is a bread maker ideal for any kitchen, modern or classic. With great features and a sleek modern design, this bread maker has 19 different programmes, allowing you to create your favourite breads, dough, cakes, desserts, and even jams in no time.

Key Features

  • It features 19 different programmes
  • It features three different loaf sizes and five crust settings
  • It comes with a drop-down blade for perfect dough
  • It has a non-stick baking pan
  • It is designed with a viewing window and internal light
  • It comes with fruit and nut dispenser
  • It features¬†70-minute fast-bake setting and a timer delay
  • It comes with measuring tools and a 40 recipes booklet
  • 12-hour delay timer

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The Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker is a practical buy considering its great features and price. With a modern design, highly versatile this bread maker gives you the chance to be creative in the kitchen, allowing you to make a variety of breads, dough, desserts and more.

One of the greatest features of this bread maker is the chance to select from 19 different programmes. From various breads, to desserts, cakes, and jams, this bread maker can tackle them all. What is more, the bread maker also allows you to choose from three different loaf sizes, choosing your own baking preference, and five crust settings so that you get the perfect results every time.Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker

To ensure that you get perfect bread, with no holes in the bottom, the bread maker features a drop-down blade that kneads the dough to the right consistency. What is more, the bread maker features a non-stick baking pan that allows you to easily remove the bread once it is ready. Moreover, the viewing window and internal light allow you to monitor the progress of your baking, while the fruit and nut dispenser makes sure that the ingredients are added at the right time.

Since time is of the essence, this bread maker has two important features that allow you to enjoy your baking when you desire. If you want a fast bake, you can always choose the fast-bake setting that will have your bread ready in just 85 minutes. If you want your bread ready in the morning when you wake up, simply activate the timer delay, insert the ingredients and programme the bread maker.

Last, but not least, the baker comes with measuring tools in order to ease your baking and always get the perfect loaf. Furthermore, the bread maker comes with a booklet that includes more than 40 recipes that will guide you to making a variety of cakes, breads, jams and many more.


  • The bread maker has great features like the 19 different programmes and the drop-down blade.
  • The mixing paddle retracts before baking to ensure no large holes are left in the bread.
  • The recipe book is excellent with a wide variety of items.
  • Can produce three different sizes of loaf.


Some complained that the baking tin of the bread maker is not a standard loaf shape.

Customer Reviews

The Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker has earned many positive reviews from its users thanks to its great features. Users are pleased with how easy it is to use this bread maker and also by the results they get.

“Since we bought this we haven’t bought any commercially made bread. We use this nearly every day, The recipes in the instructions work really well.”

Patrick Murray, Amazon Customer Review

“This was purchased to replace an ancient Morphy Richards Fastbake which broke down after many reliable years of service. It was heavily discounted because it didn’t come in the original packaging but, now we’ve been using it for a while, I would have been happy to pay the full RRP. Works well with a good range of features and is much easier to keep clean (inside the baking compartment) than other models I’ve used. Overall, we’re very pleased.”

Chris O’Brien, Amazon Customer Review

The Morphy Richards 48324 Breadmaker has been reviewed by 56 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


All in all, the Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Breadmaker is a great bread maker if you want something that has more than the basic bread maker features and lets you be creative in the kitchen.

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