New Concept Table from IKEA

New Concept Table from IKEA

Concept Table from IKEA The dining table has always been the heart of the kitchen, a place for preparing food, and eating it. But as the world changes, so will our needs. Here is a concept table from IKEA, source for the article is

Technology will play its part too, helping to make us more confident cooks, while letting less food go to waste. That means that the table of the future will be designed to do so much more: it’s our preparation surface, hob, dining table, work bench etc.

The concept table is stuffed full of technology that consists of a camera and projector positioned above the table and induction coils underneath the table surface. Networked together, they allow the system to recognise objects and their movement and to project a display. Thereby allowing it to identify any ingredient placed on its surface.

This is in the realm of ‘Casual Technology’: technology designed to give us control and guidance when we need it, but is otherwise hidden – a surface simplicity that minimises distractions and allows for mindful engagement with food.

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