OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner Review

For ultimate convenience use the OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner The OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner is a great salad spinner, which has become a favourite among vegetable lovers. Thanks to its great features and design, this spinner can dry your greens with simple pumps in no time, allowing you to have fresh salad for days.

Key Features

  • It has a basket that works as a colander
  • It features a patented pump mechanism
  • It is designed with a brake that stops the spinner automatically
  • It has a non-slip ring and a wide base to prevent slipping off the table
  • It comes with a sleek design bowl
  • It has a flat lid for ease of stacking items on top
  • It has a compact design and dishwasher safe parts

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The revolutionary design and ease of use are what make the OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner a practical buy and a best seller in salad spinners. Its great features allow you to dry your vegetables in no time and also keep them fresh for several days, ready to be eaten whenever you desire.

Ease of use and fast dry are two important features of this salad spinner. All you have to do is put the vegetables in the basket and wash them. The basket also works as a colander so it’s easy to drain the vegetables when you finish washing them. Then you have to place the basket into the bowl and secure the lid. After that, just give the spinner a few pumps to make it spin. Thanks to the patented pump mechanism, you just have to press the pump without effort. When you’re done, all you have to do is press the brake and the spinner will stop automatically. The non-slip ring and wide base won’t let the bowl slip on the table while spinning.

 OXO Good Grips New Salad SpinnerDesign is also a strong point of this salad spinner. It features a new bowl with a sleek design that accumulates the water when spinning your vegetables and that can be also used to serve the salad. What is more, the lid is flat so that you can stack other items on top of the spinner. Furthermore, thanks to the compact mechanism, the spinner doesn’t take much of your kitchen space. Moreover, the spinner has dishwasher safe parts, making it easy to clean.


  • The salad spinner has great features like the patented pump mechanism and the brake that stops the spinner automatically.
  • The clear plastic bowl does look reasonable and could be used to serve a salad.
  • It can fit in the fridge as the handle locks down.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean.


Some complained that the spinner is a bit too large.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to its great features and innovative design, the OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner has earned many positive reviews. Customers were pleased with how well the salad spinner works. Some even commented on its design and ease of use. Alas, not every client was pleased.

“I owned the previous version of this spinner and it was great but had a small base and was a little unstable. This new model has a full-sized base and is perfect. This is a big beast so takes up a lot of space in the cupboard. Spins out salad really well and I missed not having one. I think this is a vital bit of kit for any well stocked kitchen.”

P J Bones, Amazon Customer Review

“I really love this product as now I don’t need to dry all the salad leaves with too much effort! It is so easy and so convenient! And with its size, I don’t need to worry at all even if we have guests! So clever!!!”

Hweiling Chen, Amazon Customer Review

The OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner has been reviewed by 53 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.5 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon


All in all, the OXO Good Grips New Salad Spinner is a great salad spinner for those who love their vegetables fresh and dry. I highly recommend it to those who like eating salad, but don’t want to put too much effort in drying it.


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