Panasonic SD2502 Bread Maker Review

The Panasonic SD2502 Stainless Steel Bread Maker gives you you the convenience of having fresh bread at anytime

Panasonic SD2502 Bread MakerThe Panasonic SD2502 Stainless Steel Bread Maker is a bread maker that takes bread making to a whole new level.

Thanks to its modern design and ease of operation, you will not only be able to make delicious bread using various grains and flours, but thanks to the jam and compote mode, you’ll be able to prepare your favourite jams and compotes at home.

Key Features

  • It can bake three different sized loaves
  • It provides a rapid bake
  • It features a 13 hour time delay
  • It has a 10 minute power interruption protection
  • It is designed with an angled and simple control panel
  • It comes with a bread pan and a kneading blade coated with diamond particles for extra toughness
  • It comes with a raisin and nut dispenser
  • It features a jam and compote mode

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The reason why the Panasonic SD2502 Stainless Steel Bread Maker is a practical buy is because of its great features, ease of use and great price. Not only does it give you the opportunity to bake your own bread as you desire, adding additional ingredients like raisins and nuts, but it also allows you to prepare your favourite fruits jams and compotes.

One of the greatest things about this bread maker is the fact that it allows you to bake three different sized loaves. This means that you can bake your favourite bread for you and your family or a larger loaf for special occasions or when your friends come over. What is more, the bread maker provides a rapid bake. To make things better, the bread maker also features a 13 hour time delay, which means you can programme it to prepare your favourite bread so that it is ready when you come home from work.Panasonic SD2502 Bread MakerAnother great thing about this bread maker is the fact that it features a 10 minute power interruption protection. This means that the baking process is not affected and the bread maker will resume making the bread when the power comes back.

The design of this bread maker is one of its most important features. Thanks to the angled and simple control panel, you can program the bread maker without any hassle. What is more, the bread maker allows you to use fresh ingredients and bake even gluten free loaves, high fibre or low salt. What is more, the bread pan has a non-stick surface. To add, both the bread pan and the kneading blade are twice as tough as conventional ones thanks to the diamond particles with which they are coated.

Another reason why this bread maker is a practical buy is the fact that it features a raisin and nut dispenser. Thanks to it, the raisins and nuts are added to the yeast when the right time comes. What is more, the yeast dispenser prevents baking failure as it drops the yeast into the pan at the optimum time.

Last, but not least, this bread maker allows you to fill your pantry with your favourite fruit jams and compotes thanks to the jam and compote mode.


  • The bread maker has great features like the diamond coated bread pan and kneading blade, and the 13 hour time delay.
  • The yeast dispenser is ideal – helps to avoid not putting it into the pan first.
  • The new black non stick pan coating is great, making it very easy to shake the loaf out of the tin.
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Quiet during operation


Some complained that the raisin and nut dispenser’s door is weak, opening right away.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to its great features, the SD2502 Bread Maker has gained many positive reviews. Customers are pleased with the loaves that come out of this bread maker.

“I love this breadmaker, had mine about 3 years now and cannot fault it, I brought this to make Gluten Free bread, I spent a lot of time looking at reviews and research on bread makers and this came out tops. My bread is amazing, light and fluffy and I would say it tastes better than any other bread I have tried, Thank you Panasonic for a amazing product.”

Karen, Amazon Customer Review

“I was a novice to breadmaking and was slightly worried how this will pan out, but this machine is so simple to use that you simply cannot go wrong! Comes with recipe book which makes the additional bread recipe book i’ve bought on amazon surplus to requirements. Tried lots of breads so far, white, wholemeal, seeded, rye, spelt etc etc, with and without timer, bakes for perfection every time. Highly recommended. “

Anonymous0014, Amazon Customer Review

The Panasonic SD2502 has been reviewed by 308 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.8 out of 5.0.  Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon


All in all, the Panasonic SD2502 Bread Maker is a great bread maker. I highly recommend it if you want an easy to use bread maker that bakes a variety of bread, even for particular dietary requirements, and also features a jam and compote mode.

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