PancakeBot, the Automated Pancake Printer

PancakeBot, World’s First Pancake Printer

pancake-botIf you love the smell of pancakes in the morning then the PancakeBot could be your dream kitchen gadget. And if you’ve never heard about PancakeBot I’m not surprised, its a kickstarter project.

In simple terms the PancakeBot is a 3D printer that is deigned to work in the kitchen. So instead of using traditional 3D printer ink that is fed into a heated extruder, the PancakeBot is retooled – it has a batter dispenser that squeezes out pancake batter onto an integrated griddle — which is a lot like a printer’s heated print-bed. And a combination of combination of compressed air and a vacuum helps to control the whole process.

To create custom pancake designs all you need to do is use the PancakeBot software to trace any image on your computer, then load the resulting design onto an SD card. Pop the SD car in the machine, fill the dispenser with batter, and watch as it creates an edible masterpiece.

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