Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender Review

Chop, dice and slice effortlessly with the Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender

Philips HR2020 Silver BlenderThe Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender is the ideal blender for those who want a powerful kitchen appliance that can help them create their favourite smoothies, soups and more in no time. Powerful, and with great features, this blender can tackle a variety of kitchen task effortlessly.

Key Features

  • It is powered by a 400 watt motor
  • It features two speeds, one for soft ingredients and one for harder ingredients
  • It has a pulse option for a pulse blend to prevent over blending the ingredients
  • It has a compact design
  • Aside from the base of the blender, all the parts are dishwasher proof and easy to reassemble
  • It features a large 1.7 litre jug

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The reason why the Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender is a practical buy is because of its great features. To make things better, this blender is budget friendly. This means that you get quality at a fair price and, most importantly, the perfect blender to create the most delicious foods.

Powered by a 400 watt motor, there are no ingredients that this blender can’t blend. Whether you want to blend vegetables, fruits or the toughest ingredients, you can be sure that this blender will deliver. To make things better, the blender features two speeds, one for soft ingredients and one for harder ingredients. What is more, you can also choose the pulse option for a pulse blend. In this way you make sure that the ingredients are not over blend.

Philips HR2020 Silver BlenderAnother great thing about this blender is its design. Compact, the blender doesn’t take much of your counter space because it allows the jug to be stored over the base. What is more, aside from the base of the blender, all the parts, including the blades, can be easily removed and washed into the dishwasher, making cleaning a no-hassle job. To add, the blender is easily put together thanks to the lock indicator that clicks when all the parts of the blender are in place.

The fact that the blender features a large 1.7 litre jug is a plus, for you can make large quantities for you and your family. Moreover, you can also mix a large variety of ingredients together.


  • The blender has great features like the pulse blend option and the large 1.7 litre jug.
  • Being able to fold the lead and plug underneath an asset as leads can take up valuable space
  • It fits easily in the cupboard.
  • The blade twists off the jug for cleaning


Some complained that the blender is not powerful enough to blend some tough ingredients used to make oils, and sauces.

Customer Reviews

The Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender has earned many positive reviews from its users thanks to its great features and price. Customers were pleased with how the blender works and how easily it is to blend with it. Some even comment on how easy it is to clean it. Still, while some are pleased, some are not. There were customers who had complaints. They said that the jug is not very resistant.

“My mother-in-law has a small kitchen and she’s not very tall. She also has arthritis. This blender was the perfect replacement for her 70s monster. Why don’t more manufacturers design blenders where the jug is stored upside down over the base? It saves loads of space, just the ticket. It’s also easy to use, not too tight fitting but no spillage, ideal for weaker hands. I definitely rate this highly – and it’s cheap, too!”

Mark Ward, Amazon Customer Review

“We bought one of these a couple of years ago and kept it dedicated to making daily smoothies. For us, that involves blending frozen fruit with fresh bananas and milk. That’s brutal treatment – try whizzing frozen strawberries if you don’t believe me! The blender stood up to the task before one of the blades finally broke. However, we were so happy that we bought another!
Great product”

Terry, Amazon Customer Review

The Philips HR2020/50 has been reviewed by 401 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.1 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon


To make a long story short, the Philips HR2020/50 Silver Blender is a great blender if you want something powerful that can easily blend various ingredients. I highly recommend it if you want to make large quantities and require a blender that also doesn’t take much of your space in the kitchen.

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