Prep Pad- Smart Food Scale

Use the Prep Pad- Smart Food Scale to get an accurate breakdown of calories, fat, protein and carbs in your meals

Prep Pad- Smart Food Scale by The Orange Chef Co

Key Features

  • Get an accurate breakdown of calories, fat, protein and carbs in your meals
  • Access a food library of more than 300,000 items
  • Track and log meals

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The Orange Chef Co’s Smart Food Scale, the Prep Pad, is the perfect invention for someone who enjoys there food and is also a techie. You can finally meet your kitchen nutritionist, skip the fads, and get the facts.

With the Prep Pad, you will give real-time nutritional insight into your food through a customized Balance goal and beautiful visualizations of calories, carbs, protein, and more.

Prep Pad- Smart Food ScaleInformation is sent directly to the Countertop app on your Apple device: iPad 3, Ipad 4, iPad Mini or iPad Air. The Countertop app connects to a database of 300,000 foods, including both “restaurant foods” as well as UPC bar codes.

The Prep Pad is thin enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer, but beautiful enough to keep on display. Built from a single piece of aluminum, it is engineered to be robust, supporting up to 15 pounds of weight and measuring accurately down to the gram.

User Reviews

It might seem like over kill at first but this is a must have item for every kitchen. This little scale makes you an active part of your meal prep so you are not popping frozen dinners into the microwave nightly but if you do you can create them. I actually eat more now, and on a regular schedule and seeing steady weight lose. I am more relaxed when I do go to sleep because I haven’t gobbled down a frozen dinner or sandwich while I continued to work.

Cherie, Amazon Customer Review

This is truly the most important connected solution for the kitchen – to say it will change your life is an understatement . This is the future of how people interact with food. It allows you to know exactly the nutrition contents of your food including proteins, carbs & even micronutrients! I used this to eat more plant protein, the scale / app told me exactly how much broccoli to make a veggie steak with 30 grams of protein. Now I have full match fitness and 5% body fat.

Andre Torres, Amazon Customer Review

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