Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster Review

Make your ideal toasted sandwich using the Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster

Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster

Being able to make decent sandwiches at home will always be a treat. Rather than buying one from food stalls, you can make your own and have the freedom to choose the ingredients that you want. This can be healthier as you have complete control on what your sandwiches will have.

If you want to make sandwiches at the comfort of your own home, one thing that you should have is a sandwich maker. If you are searching for the best option available in the market, you should check Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster.  

Key Features

  • Non-stick coating
  • Locking clip on handles
  • Two partitions
  • Cord storage
  • Stand upright feature

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Russell Hobbs has long been a trusted name in the market for kitchen appliances, which explains why it is chosen by many who are looking for high quality sandwich makers. Since the introduction of the brand in 1952, it has made its way to popularity through having innovative and functional products, similar to the case of Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster.

Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich ToasterWith the use of this sandwich maker, you will be able to cut and seal two sandwiches in one round, which will allow you to do more in no time. You do not have to keep your guests waiting for long before they can finally have a taste of the sandwich that you prepared. It also comes with a non-stick coating, which makes it effortless to clean the unit. Based on the testimonials of its users, it has a solid construction, which allows the unit to withstand long-term use, and hence, provide the best bang for the buck.

For your safety, the unit has a Power On indicator. You can easily see if the product is turned on, which is essential in promoting safety.


  • One of the best things about this model is the stand upright feature, which makes it efficient in terms of consumption of storage space.
  • It also has cord storage to minimize mess in the cabinet.
  • It is also a good thing that it makes sandwiches quickly.


One of the most common complaints about the product is its minimal size, which makes it unable to handle larger breads.

Customer Reviews

If you carefully go through the reviews about this product, you will easily notice that most of the feedbacks were positive. A lot of users have expressed their delight with regards to its very reasonable price. In spite of being affordable, it has been highlighted that quality has never been compensated.

“We were looking for a reasonably priced toasted sandwich maker that made decent sandwiches. What we like about this toasted sandwich maker is the fact that it is basic, doesn’t take long to heat up, toasts sandwiches nicely in about six minutes and is easy to clean.

I have found the best way to clean it is to put a drop of water onto the toasting plates whilst the toaster is still hot then close the top down, this allows the steam to loosen any bits of food stuck to the plates, which can then be easily wiped off.”

Debbie Roberts, Amazon Customer Review

“This was so cheap I nearly didn’t buy it! Makes great toasties. It’s true you can’t put too much filling in them, but I think the amount you can fit is perfectly adequate. Also not sure why some reviews have said that it wastes bread because the bread has to be cut so much to fit – I always cut the crusts off when making toasties anyway and I find I have to cut them quite close or the bread isn’t big enough. I think the suggested cooking time is too short, but 5-6 mins is perfect – and the machine heats up really quickly as well. Very pleased with results.”

D Barnard, Amazon Customer Review

The Russell Hobbs 18008 has been reviewed by 77 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.6 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


With its very reasonable price, there is no doubt that Russell Hobbs 18008 Sandwich Toaster will make a nice addition in the kitchen. Do not waste your money in buying more expensive model, especially when you just need one to make basic sandwiches. With the good words from its users, there is good reason to believe that it is going to offer superior quality.

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