Sage Smart Scoop Review

Keep cool this summer with the fully automatic ice cream maker from Sage by Heston Blumenthal

Sage Smart Scoop Key Features

  • Automatically senses hardness for your choice of frozen desert
  • Keep cool function holds your desert at your chosen hardness for up to 3 hrs, it tests hardness every 3 minutes and kicks into action when it needs to
  • Features 12 hardness settings from sorbet to frozen yogurt to gelato to ice cream – the choice is yours
  • Plays music when it is ready, just like an old ice cream van
  • Either use the pre-set automatic programs, or set it to manual for ultimate control

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Usually if you want to make a delicate treat, like a sorbet or a yoghurt, an ice cream maker needs constant supervision. This is where the Smart Scoops tech comes into its own. It will automatically sense the hardness and switches to ‘keep cool’ at just the right time for whatever treat you’re making.

Sage Smart Scoop

And to get your attention when it is finished it will play music styled just like an old ice cream van chime. The unit also has a keep cool function that if selected can keep your desert at the chosen temperature for 3 hours.

User Reviews

“Quite simply BRILLIANT!! All the dials and knobs make sense and are simple to understand – the pre-cooling and keep cool settings are excellent features and great time savers. The keep cool knob means you can just switch on and take the dogs for a walk. All the hard work is done ahead and then you just have to let this machine get on with it.

Cleaning up afterwards is simple too. Would recommend getting a copy of Caroline Weir’s ice cream bible “Ice Creams, Sorbets & Gelati – The Definitive Guide” – this plus the internet and any ice cream recipes in your cookery books are all you’ll need to make delicious frozen puds.”

Mrs Julia E McNeill, Amazon Customer Review

“I love this product. I’ve wanted an ice cream machine for years. I don’t know if this is better or worse than any other machine, and I don’t care. It makes perfect ice cream and we love it. It’s super easy to use and great fun. You’ll enjoy the ice cream van tune at the end much more than you will ever admit.”

Mr Nigel Mark Lee, Amazon Customer Review

The Sage Smart Scoop has been reviewed by 17 customers on Amazon and has been given an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.

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