Snap-On Can Strainer

Drain liquids from cans quickly and easily with the Jokari Snap-On Can Strainer

Jokari Snap-On Can StrainerWhat makes this strainer different is the fact that it snaps onto the can. This snap on feature ensures you get less mess. The Plastic 4 Diameter Fits most standard can sizes Snap on design reduces mess and keeps fingers away from sharp edges. This comes in very handy for straining multiple cans of beans. And no more peas in the sink.

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Jokari Snap-On Can StrainerUser Reviews

I’ve only used it twice so far – I don’t use canned good very often). But it works great. Seems to take a bit of pressure to get it to clip on correctly. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it as I use it more. It was nice though, to put it on a can of olives and turn it upside-down in the sink, letting it drain on its own, while I went back to cooking.

Laura C, Amazon Customer Review

You know those gadgets you get thinking ‘I think I may use this’, only to end up in a junk drawer or filed in “file 13 aka trash”? This will NOT BE LIKE THAT!! I love this little gem! Fits every can/jar I’ve tried and it stays in my dish drainer for easy find. Just fantastic gadget!! No more soggy tuna fish!! Yeah!!! Win win and win!!

Every kitchen should have one if you also hate to use the top of the can, that’s dirty even though you wash them off…HELLO, it’s still germy (word of the day). Try it!! You won’t be sorry.

Rhee J, Amazon Customer Review

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