Tefal BlendForce Blender Review

Tefal BlendForce BlenderThe Tefal BlendForce Blender delivers better and faster results thanks to the Tripl’Ax Technology

Key Features

  • 1.5-liter Capacity
  • 400 Watts of Power
  • A unique Secure Lock System
  • Tripl’Ax Technology
  • 2-speed Control and Pulse Action

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Not all blenders are created the same. Some of them are made to be better than all others. If you are looking for one option that will provide the best bang for the buck, you do not have to look any further as Tefal BlendForce Blender can prove to be a promising choice.

Manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the market, it capitalizes on having a powerful motor and blades, which will provide you with the guarantee of having consistent results, and most importantly, making sure that no pieces will be left behind or dislodged.

Tefal BlendForce BlenderThe Tefal BlendForce Blender features the Tripl’Ax technology, which is perhaps one of its biggest assets. With this technology, it is not only able to blend quicker, but also makes it able to deliver powerful blending performance. It is designed with two outer blades, which will provide a cyclone boost to whatever is being blended. The two inner blades, on the other hand, will ensure the absence of chunks on the bottom. There are also two other blades to guarantee thorough mixing even of the most stubborn ingredients being blended.

In terms of versatility, the Tefal BlendForce Blender does not also fall short in terms of being an excellent choice. You can choose from the two speed setting and there is also a pulse feature, which will provide you with better control in the use of the blender.

The secure lock system is also a feature worth highlighting. This means that it will not begin working until the jug is securely locked in place. This is one feature that helps to promote safety of the blender and to prevent any untoward incidents.


  • Aside from having a generous blending capacity, another big plus of using this product is its powerful blending mechanism. You can maximize flavor from all of the ingredients used and avoid waste.
  • In addition, another great thing about the blender is being easy to use and clean, which makes it able to withstand long-term use.
  • The blender is compact for easy storage
  • Two speeds plus a pulse function


Nonetheless, it is inevitable that there are also some people who have complaints about the blender. There are some who have complained about the poor design of the product, which does not only make it look cheap, but also unsafe.

Customer Reviews

Although there are users who complained about its supposed low quality, there are only a few of them. Most users were highly satisfied and they pointed out how the blender is a breeze to operate and how it has produced excellent results. Some commented on how lightweight the blender is and that its compact size meant it could be stored easily.

“I am a fan of Tefal, and this product has not let me down. I primarily use the blender for smoothies, and with the addition of a little liquid (yoghurt, milk, water) the blender works wonders.

It has two settings and an additional pulse setting. It is quite noisy but given that it blends quite quickly it is certainly bearable given the end product! It is also very easy to clean and breaks down into sections. In the middle of the lid is a section that can be removed from the base of the lid to measure small units (apparently!) – but also makes it easier to clean. The lid, the jug, and the blades can also be removed from the base and from the bottom of the jug.

At a bargain price too – this was truly a great buy! To top it off, I didn’t wait any longer than a few days for delivery which was fantastic given that ordered it after Christmas but arrived well before the New Year!”

S Williams, Amazon Customer Review

The Tefal BlendForce Blender has been reviewed by 104 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0.  Click here – read more verified customer reviews on Amazon



The Tefal BlendForce Blender is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a blender with highly innovative blade design and powerful motor. Regardless of the fruits and vegetables that you use, it can deliver excellent output. It can even crush ice to tiny bits to help you quench your thirst with your favorite cold drinks. See the Tefal BlendForce Blender on Amazon

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