ThawTHAT! II Thawing Board

Defrost food safely and naturally using the ThawTHAT! II Thawing Board

ThawTHAT! II Thawing Board

If your interested in defrosting your food quicker and without the need for electricity then you might be interested in the ThawTHAT! II Defrost tray. Defrosting greatly reduces the risk of bacterial growth when preparing to cook.

ThawTHAT! II is a defrost tray that has the unique ability to unlock the true flavors of your meats and vegetables, while defrosting at extraordinary speeds.

When using conventional defrosting methods the food being defrosted will begin to cook during the defrosting process before you actually start cooking, which potentially be dangerous to your health.

Take a Look at What Users are saying…

I really don’t understand how this works, but it does. Pork chops defrosted in less than 30 minutes, pastries in the same time. But, item to be defrosted must be flat and make contact with the tray.

Here the user is impressed with how the tray works to defrost some pork chops. A great tip from the user is to ensure any frozen food placed on the tray is as flat as possible to ensure the largest surface area possible is touching the surface of the tray.

“Since I received it about two weeks ago, I have used it on 2 frozen chicken breasts, an inch thick steak, 2 pork chops and 3 lamb chops, and they have all thawed within an hour. I remove them from any packaging, and place them on the tray, and then turn them over at the 30 minute point.

Previously, for frozen sealed packaged meats, I was thawing the sealed pieces in cold water, however, the flavor and texture of the meat and poultry has been better using the thawing tray. It certainly beats having to thaw frozen meat or poultry overnight in the refrigerator. The tray is also very easy to clean with hot soap and water. “

Las Vegas Don

Here the user mentions how the tray ensures that both the flavor and texture of the meat is retained in comparison to defrosting meat by using cold water. They also mention how easy the tray is to clean, great to know when your in a hurry.

The ThawTHAT! II Defrosting Board has been reviewed by 15 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here to see more customer reviews.

Watch this brief video about the ThawThat II Defrosting Board.

Features and Benefits

  • Embedded wave fins immersed in bio-safe liquid promote heat exchange

The design of the embedded fins results in a lightening fast defrost, when timed its almost 2 times faster than traditional thawing.

  • No electricity, nor batteries, nor hot water required

Save energy costs and money by not having to plug the thawing board into a power outlet. Great for your pocket and the environment. And use the board almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

ThawTHAT! II Thawing Board


ThawTHAT! II is made with heat transfer in mind. From the efficient embedded heat pipes to the aluminum body, ThawTHAT! II rapidly disperses the cold away to defrost your ingredients at an astonishing rate. Click here to see the latest ratings and PRICE on Amazon

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